Direct VNC access

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) for Android is a graphical desktop-sharing system that is used to remotely control an Android device from a Computer, by transmitting the keyboard and mouse events.

architecture scheme VNC

How does it work?

A VNC client must be installed on the Computer (e.g. TigerVNC, UltraVNC, TightVNC) and a VNC server on the Android device. We offer two types of VNC servers for Android: alpha vnc lite (VNC for all) and alpha vnc pro (VNC for more).

After the installation is complete, follow these steps, to get started:
1- Start alpha vnc on the Android device
2- Start the VNC client on the Computer
3- When alpha vnc is running, the local IP-address and the port are displayed below the start button. Enter the IP-address followed by the colon (:) and the port into the address field of the VNC client (e.g.
4- Remote control your Android device!


Our solutions are maintained to support all newer Android versions (posterior Android 5.0). Technical support is included in your purchase.

No root

The alpha VNC servers work “out-of-the-box” on nearly every Android device. Root privileges are not required!

Reverse connection

When connecting from a different network – e.g. via mobile internet – a local firewall or private network connection may prevent incoming connections to the VNC server. In this case, you can establish a reverse connection to a listening VNC client, if you follow the steps:

1. Start the VNC client in listen mode, listening to a port that is forwarded from the router (please refer to the user manual of the VNC client to learn more).

2. Start alpha vnc.

3. Find the option Add reverse client in the 3-dot context menu on the right top of the main screen. Enter the public IP-address of the router and the forwarded port to the listening VNC client in the appearing dialog of alpha vnc. The recent 20 successful reverse connections are saved and can be restored by pushing the Show recent button of the dialog.

4. Click on the Connect button to establish the reverse connection.


Find out about the functionality of alpha vnc in the alpha vnc lite howto. If you still need more information, feel free to contact our support.