alpha vnc Pro

vnc for more

Do you have a group of devices without access to the Google services? Do you need mass deployment and configuration? Do you wish to connect to your devices over any standard browser, see their online status and initiate remote sessions? Then, you need alpha vnc Pro!

Mass deployment and configuration

With alpha vnc Pro, the deployment of a device can be realized by importing a license file or by scanning a QR-Code. You can set up the standard parameters, like automatic-start, scaling etc. and control by parameter, which devices will be automatically deployed. Likewise alpha vnc lite, there is no root access required.

For more information, download the Licensing & Configuration Guide or check the online tutorial of the application.

abr Cloud Console

Extend the functionality of alpha vnc Pro, by registering to the abr Cloud Console. You can connect over any standard browser, if you want to check the online status of your devices and initiate remote sessions.

On START of the application, the device will start sending notifications to the abr Cloud and it will appear in the device list under the Device monitor tile.

Business ready

Want your company logo included? Need a custom solution with low maintenance requirements? Check out the alpha vnc API, if you wish to include the functionality of alpha vnc into your own Android application.

Try it now!

You can purchase alpha vnc Pro licenses directly from us. Multiple requests come with a better price. Do not hesitate to contact our team for an individual price proposal.