Remotely access your mobile devices

Empowering device maintenance and remote support, with an easy and secure way to access and control your Android devices. Our modular concept allows you to choose, whether you want to stay in your own network or connect over browser through the abr Cloud.

architecture scheme

Key features

  • Supports all Android devices posterior Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Running out-of-the-box using the standard APIs of the device
  • No root required
  • Connection via every standard VNC Client
  • Connection via browser
  • Full control over the device
  • Reverse connection support
  • Session management
  • Secure SSL/TLS encrypted connection

Device- and session management

The Remote Management Console is a html5 application, which is used to manage and categorize your devices per license-key. You can choose whether to run the Management Console on-premise or via the abr Cloud.

  • See which device is online
  • Initialize remote sessions
  • Group and categorize devices
  • See logs and traces

Enterprise integration

We integrate our mobile solutions into your enterprise infrastructure. Use our Middleware to orchestrate mobile workflows or integrate abr mobile solutions directly into your existing ERP.

Middleware features

  • Entity Mapping
  • User management
  • Device management
  • Data distribution channels
  • Offline capability
  • Delta synchronization
  • Push synchronization

Backend integration

We provide back end integration for many standard enterprise software products.

  • SAP R3 and S/4 HANA
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • IBM Bluemix