On-premise Server

Keep the control & stay in your network

The on-premise Server is an installable server component that can be integrated into your existing infrastructure, if you wish your devices to be deployed, configured and managed internally.


The on-premise Server includes the functionality of the Management Console and can be extended to a full featured Middleware, providing device and data management features, entity modeling and mobile distribution scenarios, as well as back-end connectors for many standard business software products and data transfer protocols.

Maintenance & Support

The choice is yours, whether the system will be maintained by your own IT personnel or by our specialized team. After the initial setup and configuration of the system, we offer documentation and trainings to your personnel, on demand support or the “abr – Maintenance & Support Agreement” (abr-MSA) customized according to your requirements.

If you are interested in this solution, feel free to contact our Technical team for more.